What do NASA and Pillsbury have in common?  

In the early 1960's, Pillsbury collaborated with NASA to develop an absolute method of keeping an astronaut's food safe.  The result was HACCP, the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system, giving us a uniform approach to food safety that we pretty much take for granted today, and which keeps so much of our food supply contaminant-free & ready to consume.

Based almost equally on risk identification and microbiology, HACCP is a series of checks & balances that allow the practice of food preparation to fall inside of pre-determined parameters of safety.

So what?

HACCP is a science-based system that can take your operation to the next level.  Ever thought of doing sous vide-style cooking in New York City?  How about product preservation using Reduced Oxygen Packaging or Modified Atmosphere Packaging?  How about bottling & distributing fruit or vegetable juice, or nut milks?  Growing sprouts or micro-greens?  Fermenting & bottling hot sauce for retail?  Re-processing seafood for wholesale?  All of these techniques require HACCP plans!

Austin has authored more than sixty HACCP plans and is HACCP Certified in Juice, Seafood, Fresh-Cut Produce, and Processing. Austin has HACCP plans approved by local Health Departments as well as the USDA and the FDA in New York City, New York State, Los Angeles, and Seattle.  We'll identify your specific operational and food-safety needs and craft a plan together, then move through the approval process with local, state, or Federal authorities.  Become best-in-class with Bulletproof!