by Austin Publicover

Think of the number of items you touch in the kitchen in a single day! People get sick from improper hand washing all the time, and nowhere does that have more impact than in foodservice. Yet none of us has time to watch our employees wash their hands. That's why I love this PathSpot device! Your team members can scan their hands in 2 seconds to see if they've washed thoroughly enough. This helps you prevent cross-contamination, protect your team & your guests, and elevate your establishment's food safety culture!  And it's super inexpensive.  Prevent cross-contamination and avoid the same pitfall as Chipotle in Sterling, VA, where one foodworker sickened 128 customers with Norovirus. More about PathSpot from CTO & co-founder Dutch Waanders:

Over 50 million Americans get sick each year from food-borne illness - Nearly half of these from poor hand-washing practices. Not only does this affect customers, but can devastate a business as well. This is why we created PathSpot, a system that protects food companies and their customers from the threat of food-borne illness. The PathSpot device scans employee hands to identify the presence of harmful contamination, all in less than 2 seconds. We've launched our product with our first locations where our system is alerting employees of invisible contamination, enhancing a positive culture around sanitation, and storing data to help plan and protect against future risk.  On average, users have seen a 60% drop in contamination after just one month of use. If you are interested in learning more about our product or having a demonstration of our sanitation technology at your establishment, please contact