hosting the Hunan Institute of Food Quality

by Austin Publicover

On Monday December 4, I was honored to host the Hunan Institute of Food Quality at the Bulletproof offices!  We had 13 attendees and one hard-working translator, Mr. George.  It was a thrilling ninety minutes of discussion about the complexities of the United States food regulatory system, the inspection process, restaurant letter grades, and environmental sampling. There was a lot of interest in the number of samples taken during environmental sampling (and the FDA's so-called "swab-a-thons"), and the procurement of stool samples (or "manure", as it was charmingly translated) during foodborne illness investigations.  We were all cramped into a room that can comfortably hold eight people but that didn't stop the enthusiasm!  What an honor!  Special thanks to Triway International Group for the coordination and each of the guests, who ranged in expertise from food inspectors to researchers to PhDs.  Cool stuff and a very special honor. A photo of us all, below!

Hunan Institute of Food Quality + Austin