CP - FS and soon to be PC

by Austin Publicover

Super-excited to have finally received my Certified Professional - Food Safety (CP - FS) certification from the National Environmental Health Association.  This is a pretty awesome certification and was a long time in the making!  And, as part of complying with FSMA and offering yet one more layer of protection for my clients, I'm heading to Bridgeton, NJ this week for a 2 1/2 day course that should result in my Preventive Controls (PC) certification (or did you think "PC" stood for "Politically Correct"? Hey, it's 2016, not 1996! and thanks to the Trump Effect, who the hell even remembers that halcyon decade??).  The PC certification is part of HARPC, which is the next evolution of HACCP.

And why did HACCP need to evolve?  Because food safety often goes off the rails before the product hits the HACCP system, so preventive controls are the best means to keep food safety disasters from happening.  FDA mandated this as part of FSMA, and HARPC plans will need to be designed by someone with a PC certification.  And yes, it'll probably help to be at least a little Politically Correct, too, especially when dealing with an inspector!