110% Food Safety

by Austin Publicover

Sometimes pursuring one's passion means changing one's name.  Now don't worry... I haven't gone all Caitlyn Jenner on you!  But I did change Bulletproof's DBA from Bulletproof! Restaurant Compliance to Bulletproof! Food Safety.  For the last five years, I've gone from being proficient in food safety to being genuinely excited about it.  And that comes from having worked with all the amazing professionals at Union Square Hospitality Group to my continuing work with approx. 300 clients across the NYC food landscape.  Citing the problem, discovering the solution, and educating someone on how to take their practices to the next level... that's what it's truly all about.  I think the old saw, "sharing is caring", applies here... you only need to ask a sanitarian or someone in the public health sector to realize just how true that is.

Bulletproof! is now 110% food safety.  Veronica and I will make your business stronger, keep that 'A' letter grade on the front door, and set you up for success as you grow your business.  Thank you for your collaboration & confidence over the past (almost) two years!  We are so grateful. And we're sharing our insights as never before.  

But don't worry... unlike Ms. Jenner, we promise not to over-share.