Lecture at ICE, Intensive at NYIT

by Austin Publicover

What an honor!  I was invited by Vin McCann to give a presentation at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE).  The topics I covered ranged from microbiology to food safety to recent Health Code amendments to Health inspections and the letter grade process.  We had about 11 of ICE's finest students, including a team member of Sushi Nakazawa and a young culinarian who is allergic to almost every food.  In view of that, we dug into some food allergy best practices, addressing both the FOH/reservation approach as well as the BOH protection of entrees from potential allergens.  I had an awesome time with these scintillating students!  Vin, thanks so much for inviting me!

The next day, I was invited by the NYC Hospitality Alliance to give a "food safety intensive" at the NY Institute of Technology.  We had about 50 persons in attendance, and some very penetrating questions.  Bulletproof! was lucky enough to be paired with Imperial Bag & Paper, who not only sells everything under the sun (with an emphasis on disposables & other non-food supplies), but has mastered the complex landscape of green cleaning products and the myriad certifications assigned to them.  A good afternoon with some rockin' restaurant team members!  To Andrew, Sonali, and Nancy at the NYC Hospitality Alliance: thank you for hosting and including Bulletproof!  To those 50+ attendees, thank you for your time & passion!

Veronica and I are so happy to be out in the community, emphasizing the best approaches to food safety, with tips & insight to ensure your establishment's first-rate understanding of the Health Code. And once your team understands the underlying foundations of food safety, complying with the Health Code becomes second nature... which means you'll get an 'A' grade on your first inspection!  Look for more NYC Hospitality Alliance-sponsored intensives in the future.