Bulletproof! Food Safety was established in 2013 by Austin Publicover with an emphasis on excellent customer service, HACCP, SOPs, foodworker trainings, food safety management systems, small plant manufacturing, and regulatory compliance for restaurants and food producers.

Austin Publicover, CP-FS

From 14 years self-employed in the HVAC installation business in Tucson, AZ, to 6 years as an Operations Manager at Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group in the heart of Manhattan, to founding Bulletproof!, Austin has seen & done a lot of cool stuff, including designing multi-story A/C systems, project managing at MoMA and Gramercy Tavern, helping to open more than a dozen restaurants in NYC, conducting more than 480 inspections & site audits since 2014, and most recently working with commissary operations in Sunset Park (Brooklyn) & Long Island City to implement HACCP systems, come up to speed on FSMA, and comply with USDA standards.

Austin lives in beautiful Brooklyn, NY, with his lovely wife Lisa; they have two kitties, two doggies, some cacti, and one Venus fly trap.

Email is: Austin@BulletproofFoodNYC.com

Austin's certifications include:

  • Seafood HACCP Alliance Train-the-Trainer instructor certification (view here and here
  • International HACCP Alliance Lead Instructor certification (view here)
  • Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (certificate of training, certificate # 224ca4e0) (view here)
  • Certified Professional - Food Safety (NEHA) (CP - FS, certificate # 031510) (view here)
  • FDA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (IFPTI, FSPCA, Rutgers) (Certificate ebcb08bc) (view here)
  • HACCP Manager: Fresh & Fresh Cut Produce (NEHA) (view here)
  • Better Process Control School (UC Davis) Certificate of Completion # 2491 (view here)
  • Juice HACCP Certification (Cornell) (view here)
  • Certificate of Seafood HACCP Course Completion (University of Connecticut & AFDO) Certificate # 5553-093014-41374 (view here)
  • HACCP Manager: Basics for Processors & Manufacturers (NEHA) (view here)
  • FDA Labeling Certificate of Training (IFPTI & FDA Distance Education) (view here)
  • ServSafe Proctor & Trainer Certificate (National Restaurant Association & ServSafe) (view here)
  • HACCP Refresher Statement of Competency (HACCP Mentor) (view here)

We're proud to include the following food safety experts as part of the Bulletproof! Team:

Olga Glazman

Email is: Olga.Glazman@Outlook.com 

  • Olga focuses on Tribunal representation, mock inspections, Health Code compliance, and site audits

Christine Testa, CP-FS and REHS, owner, Early Warning Food Service Solutions

Email is: TestaFoodSafety@Gmail.com or check out her website: https://www.foodsafetymentor.com/

  • Christine focuses on Foodworker trainings including ServSafe and NYC Food Protection Certificate, Custom-Exempt slaughter & fabrication, USDA / FSIS compliance, and HACCP